"The whole human body is my field of study." - Thomas Creevey

Thomas has treated them all. From the very top of the elite sporting circles in every field, to the most common and complicated cases.


“Globally recognised¬† for his expertise in treating the human body, Thomas Creevey has never had a website, mobile phone or even an email.

Having witnessed the remarkable results Thomas has achieved for so many when all hope had been lost, I felt compelled to tell his story. I have created this website as a testament to this man’s ability to deliver miraculous results where all other traditional therapies have failed.”

Craig Williams, Total Body Therapy.

Sports Injury
Therapy & Massage

Over 50yrs of studying the human body & movement, Thomas Creevey Therapy (TCT) has been developed and applied
with great success.

Structural Integration

By mastering the understanding of the human body and its complex mechanics, TCT is a unique and powerful method of restoring structural stability and strength


TCT integrates physical, emotional, mental & spiritual impacts of injury & structural misalignment to alleviate pain
& suffering on all levels.